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We’d also it is worth remembering what PR itself is . By definition, it is a tool for managing communication between an organization and a community. In a slightly broader sense, public relations can be considere as shaping the relations of a given company with the environment in which it operates in order to create a specific, desire image. This image is to lead to the general acceptance of the company’s activities and gain market trust, which is to translate into its development. PR is of particular importance in running a business. It often determines the ultimate success of the company on the market.

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Good relations with the environment are especially important today, in times of high competition and rivalry for customer interest. A company that is able to maintain positive relations with its environment photo editor has a better chance of building a competitive advantage. PR consulting, otherwise known as image consulting , is help in managing communication between the company and the public. The role of the consulting agency is to support the company in building and creating the desire image in the eyes of individual target groups – not only potential clients, but also investors, partners, employees and the meia.

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 PR consulting allows you to control how the company is perceive outside. Marketing consulting Marketing is an extremely broad concept that has many definitions. The American Marketing Association states that marketing is all activities aime at creating, communicating and delivering products of value to the customer and his partners. According to Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller, these are activities base on recognizing and meeting human nees. In a nutshell, marketing can be define as GI Lists managing relationships with the environment in such a way that these relationships translate into profits for the company.

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