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In combination Who use this incentive system given that buyers will simply use the discounts to their advantage regardless of who earn them. All this will no longer be possible with the blockchain which will limit the phenomenon, guaranteeing that the points, vouchers, or rewards for visits made to the store correspond to and are us by the customer to whom they are assign. Collecting user data from loyalty programs will allow for more cross marketing and consumer analytics opportunities. Ultimately, a decentraliz system like the blockchain will allow customer loyalty to develop, allowing them to spend the points collect in a more meaningful way, personalizing the offer of rewards to choose from.

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Mobile payments will increase Convenience for consumers is key in the omnichannel world all marketing efforts vanish if customers cannot conduct their transactions quickly and conveniently. The number of web designs and development service people in the world who use a smartphone reach five billion last. Year, but only a fifth of these have access to a current account and the crit cards link to it. Logically, the convenience for consumers lies in the possibility of making payments through their smartphone to close their consumer journey in style thanks to spe and an optimal experience with the brand from start to finish.

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The fear of using crit cards in commercial activities or of paying via NFC could potentially be eliminat if systems like the one offer by Telcon were us , an innovative startup that thanks to blockchain eliminates banking intermiaries and allows its users to pay in shops in complete safety and quickly carry out GI Lists transactions through their smartphone, which, moreover, will be subscrib to a decentraliz telephone operator. Result? Zero bank commissions, security, transaction spe even for larger denominations and convenience, both for the retailer and the customer. Guarantees digitiz By purchasing from a retailer, a consumer’s transactions can be verifi without or loyalty card – an ideal system for customers.

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