What Are the Main Types of Visual Content

Visual content marketing has multiple approaches, and can present countless different formats. To help your immersion in the world of visual content types. We will present their main variations, starting with their specifications and showing their benefits. The most common manifestation and at the same time extremely effective is the use of images. What Are whether photographs or vector images. We find them daily in blog posts , social networks and search engines . They are a real relief for the eyes.

What Are Infographics

Infographics are, basically, the perfect fusion top people data between text and illustration, since they generate a balance between information, statistical data and design . That combination is successful for a good reason: it is attractive and easy to understand. Studies have shown that readers of digital media pay more attention and spend more time on images that contain information compared to the behavior expressed when faced with simple texts on the same page. They are very useful when the company’s communication aims to achieve a high capacity for engagement.

Examples of Brands That Use Visual Content Strategically

Now that you have understood the GI Lists fundamentals and main types. Nubank’s visual identity work is impressive . All the photographs used on its website and social networks are impeccable and accurately convey the young and innovative spirit of the company. They are high quality images that have a common identity with great relevance. The use of the color violet has become Nubank’s registered trademark. O Helpscout is an American software for support and help desk teams used all over the world. But what is interesting today is the reason why it is on our list: its blog . It’s lovely! In it, only vector images made specifically by an internal designer are used.

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