The transmission of information about experiences

Let’s talk with digital channels especially social networks. The transmission of information about experiences with people or businesses has become simpler for everyone. Today, it is very easy to find information about someone on the internet. Today, it is really easy to receive positive or negative news from anyone; which distances us or brings us closer to interact. This market reality caused widespread concern about protecting reputation and creating an online reputation plan , because someone’s bad experience with us will mark us and a good one will boost us.

Are shaping the decisions and perceptions

There is clear evidence that the opinions of individuals. Are shaping the decisions business database and perceptions of audiences a fact that is enhanced if the broadcaster. belongs to an influential social environment. What this demonstrates is the important role that the internet is playing in building trust, because the of digital environments facilitates the transmission and propagation of information that is likely to create or destroy reputation. Our reputation does not belong to us; it is in the hands of those who know us, hire us or buy from us . How to create an online reputation protocol for my company.

Any interaction will produce a chain of

With the tools we have available today. Any interaction will produce GI Lists a chain of information. That will spread like a ripple throughout social and business circles. If those circles are large, a chain of information loud enough to make or break reputation and trust will be incubated. To face this reality, people and companies must create an online reputation plan based on social listening; that aims to increase the visibility of positive comments and the monitoring of threatening events, always respecting the symmetrical principles of conversations. The preparation of the online reputation plan begins by providing answers.

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