The cheapest supermarkets of the main chains in Spain in 2022

The cost of food has skyrocketed in recent months. Inflation, the war situation in Ukraine and the slow economic recovery after the pandemic have caused supermarket shelves to become more expensive. With this in mind. OCU , the Organization of Consumers and Users. Has prepared a study where they analyze which are the cheapest supermarkets in Spain in 2022 and which products have multiplied. In addition. They reflect which products have become more expensive compared to 2021. The products in the shopping basket proposed by the OCU have increased by 15.2%, and all supermarket chains have raised their prices. 

OCU's annual supermarket price study is published

The OCU study reveals the price level top industry data of the different establishments in Spain and which products are the most expensive. A good guide when choosing where to shop and what products to select. This reveals, after having visited 1,180 establishments in 65 Spanish cities. That product prices increase by 15.2% compared to last year. The OCU Shopping Cart is made up of 239 food and drug products. These include fresh foods. Commonly used packaged food and drugstore products. Both top brands and private label basics. This means one of the largest increases in the 34 years of this price study. Among the supermarkets that have seen the least increase in their prices are: Alimerka (8.4%), Carrefour Express (8.5%) and BM Urban (8.8%). 

OCU basket price increase in the main chains The products that are most expensive

The index therefore indicates GI Lists that this is the largest price increase in 34 years. Never before has such a sharp rise been recorded in a single year . ” Although the basket has increased by 15.2% on average in the period 2021 to 2022. The increase in prices does not seem to have peaked in some products. 95% of products rise. Especially oil and flour. These are the products that have become more expensive in the last year: Sunflower oil (+118%) and olive oil (+53%) , flours (+50%) and their derivatives. Such as pasta (+56%) or muffins (+75%), have shown an increase in their prices as a consequence of the conflict in Ukraine. 

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