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Definitely, today the phrase of the famous Charles Darwin is fully valid: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor is it the most intelligent that survives. He is the one who is most adaptable to change.” *This post is a collaboration of Julio César Poblete Not only Benites, professor at the Business Faculty of the Universidad Privada del Norte .Seven years after it began, the UPN Unions Social Responsibility Project has carri out valuable self-sustainability work in extremely poor populations. social responsability University social responsibility is the ethical and effective management of the impact generat by the university in society in the exercise of its academic, research and extension services functions and participation in national development in different dimensions, contributing to sustainable development and well-being.

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Of society, engaging the entire university community. (university law no. 30220, el peruano newspaper, 2014). Socially responsible innovation to solve community problems the future of humanity depends largely on ethical and professional training, and the relevance of their innovations and decisions. The regenerative economy should be the new approach to training professionals for the new labor market; a market that business email list manages to create value without destroying social ties and conditions of human habitation of the planet. The social challenge of higher ucation is to move from the paradigm of employability to the paradigm of socially responsible innovation, achieving excellence from the solution of social problems.

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The UNIONES Social Responsibility Project “ Not only. Creating a better place to live”, in force since 2015, takes on this challenge by focusing on transdisciplinarity through which our university, thanks to students and teachers from different Not only professional careers, advises extremely poor populations. to improve their quality of life through self-sustainability, making alliances Not only with interest groups in order to obtain internal institutional change and external social transformation, transmitting this experience to other universities and participating GI Lists in the local, national and international development agenda. social responsability Our students as social transformers. Not only.  Uniones, through its lines of intervention in health, ucation, income improvement and sustainable communities, works on the Sustainable Development Goals relat to the faculties by establishing management indicators and ensuring academic excellence.

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