Product Excellence Trailblazers

Both my ex-partner and I spent years Product Excellence. Writing articles with an incredible level of depth, about each of the dogs in the world and in the end, based on pure stubbornness, we managed to position them little by little… The blog had a lot of traffic , but it still generated little income: with about 90,000 visits per month it generated about 50 euros in Adsense/month . It was difficult to get rich like that, but the joke is that with that ridiculous income I could already survive at that time (right now it seems unthinkable to me, what changes life and what changes oneself).

discovered through Product Excellence what at that time was SEO

Then the people at Link To Media bought industry email list that blog for me and based on that we set up the largest animal website in the Hispanic world, which I myself helped build: Experto . But that is another story that only the most veteran readers remember. After setting up that niche, I discovered through what at that time was SEOPlatino (currently Teamplatino ) mega niche websites such as “name meaning”, “dream meaning” and similar… And this is where.

Those half a million page views already generated

I took the next step with niche GI Lists websites, setting up Meaning of (don’t ask me why the hell I chose a “” domain extension because I don’t even know), a niche with which I had half a million monthly page views . Those half a million page views already generated me a more than decent amount of between 300 and 400 euros per month. Working from home and in pajamas. Something unthinkable for Dean with the mentality of 2015, to whom earning a salary of 1,500 euros per month seemed to be little less than being a millionaire (and I’m not exaggerating).

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