Potential that exists in your company

Digimarkkintoninn for this challenge of reporting Potential that results which many marketing decision-makers face in their work. How do you get immediate measurable results with marketing and grow your brands appeal? At Suomen Digimarkkintinn we plan and implement our customers marketing with the help of a two-phase marketing model our MVG-MRACE® model . By implementing the model you ensure that your marketing produces immediate measurable results that are easy to report and you develop your brands appeal. With

Growth model we create

Management team-level marketing strategy that is in line with your companys business goals responding to the change in customer behavior the competitive situation business email list and technological development. On the other hand with the tactical MRACE® model we implement digital marketing on a practical level in different channels in accordance with the strategy through the goals set for different channels. With it the operation at the tactical level remains uniform and consistent between different channels which also improves the results

And their measurability

Business Email list

Image Our MVG-MRACE® model illustrated on the left is. The strategy part MVG on the right is the tactical implementation MRACE® In. Our MRACE® model the focus of all tactical actions is the. Jointly agreed goals the KPIs derived GI Lists from them and the. Metrics that measure success and the channel-specific goals derived from the marketing goals. In order to set goals at all you need to know the market in which you operate its competitive situation. Changes in customer behavior technological development and know how to

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