Over information the evil of the century

The information that we took the trouble to look for and whose investigation took us time. Is within our reach without our having to make the slightest gesture. It comes to us through our e-mail box. But also because the news is on all our media: computer, tablet. Mobile which are our daily professional tools and our leisure companions. As a result, information overload is becoming the evil of the century. Information that has become ubiquitous It must be said. That information has become ubiquitous. Whether in professional life or in personal life. She has woven her spider’s web which gives us the impression that to lose information is to miss an opportunity. What is this reality? Not missing essential information has become an obsession According to the report by the Directorate General for Labor (DGT).

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The impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on working conditions, two thirds of executives say they suffer from information overload and constantly live in a hurry. They now receive ten times more information than they received ten years ago and produce about 10% more every year. Above all, bad reflexes are very present since they devote more than 30% of their daily working time to this activity, a phenomenon which continues to grow. Mindjet, a global specialist in enterprise collaborative Email Marketing to Physicians work enhancement solutions , has released a survey on information overload at work which reveals that: 22.3% of respondents say they are able to manage the flow of information despite the quantity received, 17.3% feel unable to manage everything about 7% admit to being overwhelmed by the flow of data. In reality, it is above all a waste of time to consult too regularly the tools.

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A real question arises today

How to regain control of your time without missing out on essential information? Connected, so as not to lose a crumb of Gi Lists control According to figures from the Observatory on Corporate Social Responsibility (ORSE) in France, 65% of entrepreneurs consult their mailboxes the wrong way. Being permanently connected is an integral part of new habits that aim to control everything and therefore to remain permanently connected, and regardless of where…and end up being energy eaters. The omnipresence of electronic tools requires ever shorter response times. There has been established in companies a requirement which links one to the other. According to Caroline Sauvajol-Rialland, two behaviors are particularly harmful in this regard: Send so-called “visibility” e-mails to establish yourself as the essential contact for everyone.

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