How to test deliverability to improve the opening rate in email marketing

Hello! How is everything? Already in autumn, eh? And in high business season, you won’t say no. How are you doing?Therefore, I hope it’s ok! Today I want to share with you a great tool that helps you test the deliverability of your emails . Today I share with you a reflection on what deliverability is Therefore,Therefore, and how it affects the opening rate of our emails. Today I’m back with you, which I really wanted. Do you feel like it? So let’s go! I remember perfectly. Therefore, Alicia and I were in the middle of one of those reflection meetings that we like so much and that are so necessary for ideas to flow… where there are no filters and we are all equal.

How to interpret a low open rate? The deliverability factor

Most likely, where you look first is at the subject. TRUE? You will think, not without reason, that possibly the category email list subject of the message is not being attractive. The opening rate is the ratio or percentage of people who open our email . Therefore, from this definition, the most normal thing is that we imagine our email, there in the inbox of each recipient, competing for a glimpse of attention and the long-awaited click. Yes or no? Therefore, So we thought: how can I get more attention from the recipients? How to make our email win the battle for user attention and end up opening it?

Some actions that can improve our opening rate

There are many possibilities to do improvement tests: The sender . Much of the user’s attention is on the sender column since, Therefore, as a general rule, they will scan vertically to preselect those senders that they are not interested in or perhaps in search of more GI List important senders. Therefore, doing tests by changing the sender could be a good action or even improving your reputation or relationship. That a message from you is enough to,Therefore, you know. The case. Like the sender, the subject is another of the great ingredients in the task of overcoming that first quick user screening.

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