How to successfully redesign your website

Your E-commerce Store does not sell enough products? The image of your website is no longer in line with your brand? Do the optimizations you make on a daily basis not allow you to significantly increase your conversion rate. The ratio of Internet users who arrive on a website to those who buy a product. You then decide to rebuild a new website. More suited to the expectations of your customers. This time, you no longer have the right. To make mistakes in order to immediately reach your turnover objectives. What are the solutions for a successful redesign of your website? Take a lot of risks, trusting your intuition. Imitating competitors or drawing inspiration from major recognized sites. This can play tricks: financial risk if the operation does not work. On your target and in your sector, image risk. Where you can lose in 5 minutes, which takes months to rebuild.

Justifying your choices with reliable statistical data

So, is there another key to definitively solving the equation: Faster / Less risky / More profitable to successfully redesign your website and increase your conversion? Knowing what to improve and what to redesign, from the user’s point of view: Perception and navigation test Before Bulk SMS France destroying everything, you need to know what and how to rebuild your E-Store. For this you need: Analyze the perception of your users, Meet the expectations and needs of your customers, Know their obstacles and motivations, Understand the navigation of your Internet users. You can ask the opinion of your friends and employees / gather people in a room and question them / follow their gaze… In order to be more objective and representative, you can also send an Email to a panel of 500 people, customers and non-customers (with the aim of acquisition and loyalty), by asking them to try to buy a product on your site and by asking them closed questions, but above all open-ended, to let them express themselves normally.

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Solutions also exist to track the movement

The mouse of the real Internet users of the site and their behavior. Crossing Perception and Navigation data will be very useful to you. All you have to do is analyze these results to obtain a list Gi Lists of operational recommendations ready to be illustrated. Before integrating your static or dynamic models and putting them into production, it is recommended to pre-test them and compare them to build an improved version. Note: the user is often right, but not always! Test the performance of your pages: Browsers / OS / Screen / Loading time It’s hard to imagine that your browsing experience is different from other users. However, it is. Your users do not see exactly the same thing as you depending on their browser, screen resolution, OS used, connection speed… Performance tests are increasingly essential to ensure the proper integration of your pages.

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