Email Marketing Metrics that you should take into account to analyze the performance of your campaigns

Email Marketing Metrics that you should take into account to analyze the performance of your campaigns. When you include email in your customer acquisition, sales and loyalty strategy, it is not enough to just write emails and send them to a list of subscribers. You have to measure what is happening. Which emails are working best, which ones have had the worst performance, and analyze the reason for each thing. In fact, I think this is the most important part of any strategy. So in this post I am going to explain all the email marketing metrics that I think you should take into account, and I will tell you the one that is most important to me of all.

Open rate

The open rate is perhaps the most basic email marketing metric of all. It’s very simple: simply analyze the percentage of people who open your email with respect to the number of subscribers on your list. Of all those who received it, how many have clicked on the subject to read it? This metric tells you, for example, how effective your issues are being. Therefore, if you have a very low open rate, they may not be attractive enough or you email contact list may be having deliverability problems (spam and promotions). It is a metric that I recommend analyzing from time to time, and that will allow you to know if your subscribers are committed to your newsletter or could be considered “ghosts.”

Click rate

The click rate refers to the number of people who clicked on a link, compared to the total number of those who received the email. This metric can tell you if your CTAs are effective or, on the contrary, you are not persuasive enough. Also if what you sell or promote really interests your list, since it may not be very GI Lists qualified. Which promotions get the most clicks, which services or products are of most interest. For example, I use Active Campaign and the tool allows you to know which specific link users clicked on.

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