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We cannot talk about quality in ucation without social relevance. The exercise of learning bas on social challenges allows the student to become enthusiastic about generating projects and understand that their career allows them to solve problems inside and outside the university campus, also strengthening their skills, becoming a social transformer. The RSU is a route design in two ways: an internal one towards a responsible campus, and an external one, for the construction of a community of mutual learning for development, being the foundation of quality with social relevance integrating projection, training and research (Vallaeys, 2021).

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The Private University of the North forms citizens who are masters of their own destiny and through Unions seeks the solution of social problems by contributing to the self-sustainable development of communities in extreme poverty: Las Torres de San Borja Moche, Sector 7 el Milagro, Porvenir and others. To date, 136 projects execut, 68 papers publish in our university’s repository ( ), registration in the volunteer business lead registry of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, internationalization, participation in the 1st Meeting Trujillo University Intervolunteers, formation of the First School of Leaders in the Future, promotion of productive labor inclusion; documentary Torres de San Borja.

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business lead ), preparation of print memory and documentary “we can all dream, we can all act” ( .com/watch?v=cyt8 bovicic&t=1s ), among others. *this post is a collaboration of m​arlies alicia cueva urra, professor at the faculty of business at the universidad privada del norte. Not only. An event await by our students, expoinova 2021-2 call for the participation of 271 projects from 51 courses in 11 careers GI Lists of our business faculty. Not only. Expoinnova 2021-2 under the name new latam social approach: Not only circular and collaborative economy , the 2021-2 ition of the expoinnova entrepreneurship fair present 271 projects select for the semi-final stage on campus, of which 98 qualifi for the national final develop by each professional career.

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