Know What Free Software is and Its Basic Characteristics

Free software is software that gives its users the freedom to run, copy. Study, modify and distribute the software. In other words. Know What it gives the possibility to control the program and what it does. When we buy software , we are actually acquiring a license to use it, so whoever obtains it is bound. By numerous and subtle rules, such as not being able to share or modify the program. However, for a few years now a group of programmers have dedicated themselves to writing and sharing. The so-called free software that not only allows us to copy programs but also study, run and distribute them freely.

Know What Are the 4 Freedoms of Free Software

For a program to be free software job function email list it must have four freedoms. without obligation to communicate to any specific entity or to the programmer. In other words, the user is not prohibited or prevented from executing it since what. Matters is its purpose and not that of the programmer. To have freedoms 1 and 3 it is necessary to have access to the source code. So this is a fundamental condition for free software. Now, Freedom 1 constitutes the freedom to use. The modified version instead of the original.

Distribute Copies of the Program to Any Person or Organization

The freedom to distribute the program consists GI Lists of users having the freedom to redistribute. And share copies with or without modifications , without. Needing to ask or pay for any permission to do so. In addition, programs can be distributed free of charge or for a fee. Although Open Source and free software pursue the common goal of providing greater. Freedom and transparency to the software world, they differ in the way in which each carries out this action. So, the main difference is that free software prioritizes ethical and moral issues related to. The software , leaving the technical aspect as a secondary point.

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