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Creative spirit to develop cutting-ge projects The event generat a strong positive impact on the UPN community, reflect in: Promotion of R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) capacity in our students , highlighting the creative and entrepreneurial spirit with cutting-ge projects. Participation and involvement of teachers and students of the subjects align to the components: Entrepreneurship, Research and Social Responsibility The contest was develop through 3 stages: in classrooms, semi-final at headquarters and the national final, as well as in 3 categories: 1) Undertake, 2) Owners of your destiny, and 3) ADN UPN, in congruence with the stages of the UPN ucational Model.

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The teachers of each select class call the students from the first class session, organizing them into teams, advising them and outlining their business ideas to then identify the best projects and present them to the semi-final business database stage on campus, in which they compet to achieve a place in the national final. To do this, they had to develop and present their video, digital banner and report to a specializ jury, detailing the value proposition and specifications of their business idea. The national final host the best project for each major and category from our Breña, Comas, Chorrillos, Los Olivos, San Juan de Lurigancho, Trujillo and Cajamarca campuses, whose authors submitt their ideas to recogniz professionals in the field of Business and Entrepreneurship.

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After an exhaustive evaluation, 26 viable, eco-friendly projects that contribute to the generation of value in the UPN community GI Lists were declar winners. Preparation for a complex, ambiguous and volatile global environment “Not only. This important event refers to the ne for responsible alignment in business and the incorporation of creativity and innovation in value propositions to face an increasingly open, competitive and demanding market, Not only which continues to change permanently in a global context characteriz by its volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity,” said our Dean of Business, Dr. Augusto Cáceres.

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