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Manager account alternative website verification 5. Wait for the data to update After the website has been successfully connect to Search Console. you will probably be present with a view where under the Current Status section it is mention; No information available. Google Search Console Current Status This is because the website information has not yet been updat in your Search Console account.  instructions: When you add your site to Search Console. diagnostic data and other information are often not available until some time later.

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This is normal. It may take some time email list for Search Console to collect and process your site’s data. It can take a few days for the data to be updat. so the actual analysis and data can only be process a little later. 6. Upload the website’s sitemap to Search Console . you can already take one important step and submit your website’s Sitemap file to Google. i.e. the page map. With a sitemap. Google’s search robots know better how to search and index all the subpages of your site.

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This is especially important for new GI Lists websites and makes it faster to find the site in Google search results. You can add a sitemap by first selecting the section Indexing -> Sitemaps from the menu on the left side and the button Sitemap addition/testing from the top right. Search Console Sitemap When you press the Add/test Sitemap button. a field opens below it where you can enter the location of the sitemap. The location. on the other hand. depends on the implementation of the site. If you don’t know where the sitemap is locat on your own website. you should inquire about this from. for example.

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