About truths injustices and corruption this is Bob Hoffman’s latest criticism

Bob Hoffman’s sharp claws are always noticeable. When the marketing expert throws a dart at the industry (or its professionals) he does not usually go unnoticed. In his last article published in his well-known newsletter The Ad Contrarian , Hoffman began a debate around social networks and their legal ins and outs. As he points out, all media and platforms in the United States are protected from legal action by a law that establishes that Internet publishers cannot be held responsible for lies or misinformation produced by other people and published on their sites.

Musk Trump and their respective interests in social networks

The expert also talks about Elon Musk industry email list and Donald Trump, two figures who have a lot to do with misinformation, business and social networks . According to Forbes, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX has lost $100 billion in the last year. «If it continues at this rate, in a few years it could reach 10 or 12 billion dollars. The stupid bastard better wake up ,” notes the creator of The Ad Contrarian. Of the former president of the United States Donald Trump, who has also been the object of ridicule, he said that “he would not recognize the truth even if it sat in his face” and added that “he took another big blow” for the failure of his social network, Truth.

Twitter in trouble for not respecting privacy

And continuing on the subject GI Lists of social platforms, Hoffman relates that it seems that owning one is a ” status symbol among the biggest loudmouth egomaniacs in the world.” The last of them is Kanye West, who has agreed to purchase Parler , a platform widely used by the “geniuses” who planned the January 6 riots in Washington (USA), recalls Hoffman. As explained in the column, Twitter has been the subject of a class-action lawsuit accusing it of asking for users’ email addresses and phone numbers for security purposes and then using that information for advertising targeting.

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