7 Tips For A Top-Performing Article

Listicles are incredibly popular. People love to read a great article with a clear description of what’s in it and a set number of points or steps. It’s an excellent way to clearly present information and educate your audience. In this article, discover what a listicle is and how to write one for content marketing success.

Why are listicles good for your CTR and SEO

The headline is the most important part of any article because you need to have something that Whatsapp Data makes your audience want to click through and read. A listicle usually has an appealing headline that includes the main keyword and a clear explanation of what to expect.

People tend to gravitate toward headlines that include numbers, such as 7 Ways to Boost Your SEO or The 5 Most Popular Destinations in Turkey. These are typical listicle headlines that really do get attention and engagement.

This aids SEO efforts while encouraging people to click and enjoy the article.

2. In-depth content keeps you reading
Well-crafted listicles are written logically and easily guide readers through the content. They provide quality, in-depth information that educates and informs. It’s broken down into an easy-to-digest format.

The numbered list encourages people to keep reading and feel like they are progressing through the article. They can see that they’ve made progress and, at each stage, they will see how much more is left to read.

This encourages them to keep reading and stay on your site longer.

In addition, multiple clear subheadings guide the reader through the article but also make it easy to scan the content. People can find what they want quickly; this contributes to a positive customer experience.

3. Internal links supply more details
The best listicles don’t try to cram too much information into one webpage. Instead, they include internal links that provide more information to people who want it. This helps keep readers on your site longer.

It’s great for SEO because your bounce rate decreases. This also gives you more chances to convert readers into customers.

Is your idea suitable for a listicle

If you find that you can write a list for part of your article, but you also need several other sections that don’t fit into a neat list, then don’t write a listicle.

When you’re not sure, Google your topic idea and see how many people have written listicles. If very few have, it’s probably not a good subject for that format.

You can still include a list GI Lists in your article, but it’s not a true listicle without the “introduction – list points – conclusion” format.

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