How Only Office improves its online editors to work on documents

ONLYOFFICE is an open source project focused on advanced and secure document processing. With more than 10 million users worldwide, it is a recognized innovator in the field of online office. The GDPR-compliant office suite includes web editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as form builder, reader, and PDF converter. ONLYOFFICE Docs is fully compatible with OOXML files. It provides users with hundreds of formatting and styling tools along with multiple collaborative features. ONLYOFFICE comes with new version 7.3 with several new features. New features for filling in fields Now, working with digital forms becomes even more efficient and secure. It is possible to create and assign different recipient roles for filling in fields to simplify the business document workflow.

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To visually identify the fields they need to fill in based on role mapping colors. In future updates, the developers will extend the functionality by adding the ability to set recipient roles with restrictions as well Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka as electronic signatures. In addition, version 7.3 brings more out-of-the-box fields for faster form creation: Date and time with multiple display options, postal code and credit card. SmartArt graphic Inserting SmartArt elements into documents, spreadsheets and slides to quickly create a visual representation of ideas is now possible. Here are some examples of SmartArt types offered: list, process, process, hierarchy, images, etc. Document Protection Version 7.3 brings another option to password protect text documents and at the same time only allow certain actions in the file: read, fill in forms, comment or track changes.

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Improved spreadsheets Only office developers

Make working in sheets even more convenient by implementing Watch Window feature that allows to inspect, verify or confirm calculations and formula results in large files. Thus, there is no need to Gi Lists repeatedly scroll or go to different parts of a worksheet. New formulas Making your calculations even more efficient by using new formulas becomes a simple formality: Other useful enhancements include the ability to import data from local XML files as well as add links between multiple spreadsheets using a copy-and-paste function. This last Paste link option is available to ONLYOFFICE Workspace productivity platform users. Paste Special for Slides The new version of ONLYOFFICE makes it possible to use Paste Special hotkeys to work faster with inserting slides into its presentations.

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