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difference in the final purchase choice. These are just some of the ideas that a B2B company attract new customers but, in addition to requiring in-depth knowledge of the means, it is a long-term oriented strategy that will not lead to immediate but constant and long-lasting results in time. Publishing content randomly is not enough, it is necessary to know how to read and evaluate the data returned by the platforms in order to understand whether the strategy adopted is effective or whether it is necessary to review it. Acquiring customers does not depend on luck, you must plan the acquisition in a timely manner and monitor the results. Do you want to create

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customer acquisition for your B2B company? Don’t make mistakes, rely on specialists in the sector. Contact us to talk about your business lead project with our team!In recent years, LinkedIn has taken on an increasingly important role in the social network landscape, becoming a reference for the world of work. In this article we will see 5 reasons (real and supported by numbers) why a B2B

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that allows users to better interact with their connections and community. In just a few years, the Microsoft-owned social network has become increasingly attractive for companies and users, thanks to numerous useful contents for personal growth and that of one’s company. Here are 5 reasons why LinkedIn has also become essential for a B2B company. 1. How many users does Linkedin have in 2022? The first motivation that should lead B2B companies GI Lists to invest in LinkedIn are the users. The people who populate the platform every day. As anticipated in the previous paragraph, according to what is reported on the official website , in 2022 the platform

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