These technologies are able to predict

These technologies The new technology, in fact, would be able to collect all of a consumer’s data contain. In private and centraliz databases, such as banks, third-party apps on his device, or the crit cards us. Asking customers to be paid to provide certain data with the necessary permissions and record it on the blockchain. Essentially, by combining sensors in physical stores with decentraliz authority, retailers. Can collect an unprecent amount of data about their consumers in real time. More incentive “recommend to a friend” programs. One of the strategies us to acquire new customers is the referral system. Which usually guarantees a discount to the customer if he brings a friend to buy a company’s products or services.

Stop Marketing Jeremy Epstein

The costs, however, are often high for this customer acquisition strategy, due to the hype competitiveness. That exists today think of telephone companies. Retail marketing will soon undergo a change of direction in this, through incentive programs for. The use of products and services with gamification. Thanks to the use of blockchain, this system will create a crypto economy for the company. Which will reward consumers not through seo expater bangladesh ltd vouchers or discounts, but in cryptocurrencies, as announc. By the CEO of Never, one of greatest pioneers in researching the applications of blockchain in marketing.

The actual costs of the marketing

Brands that understand the potential of this strategy will ruce the costs of acquiring customers. Of whom the rationale for certain choices within the propos game will be known. Programs that actually generate loyalty Loyalty programs are very often not us by customers. For their intend purpose, but rather to save or even make money. In this regard, the buying and selling of points or GI Lists vouchers for petrol, train tickets, eCommerce and others is increasingly increasing. Thanks to the web, which even provides platforms that facilitate this activity there are also many groups. That have arisen spontaneously on social networks. Although this will not affect campaign for the company, retaining people

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