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If we had to summarize the logic of search engines. We could say that it is, contrary to popular belief, simple. It consists in offering the most qualitative content possible to Internet users. Whether in terms of navigation, relevance and quality of the content. But also in ensuring optimal security, particularly with regard. To their personal data. Easily understandable criteria If you want to put yourself in the place of search engines to understand them. Just ask yourself the following questions: how to judge. That a site was or is relevant in relation to a specific target? How to assess its quality? Does your site respect the security conditions? From these questions. It is relatively easy to identify the various good practices. For natural referencing, which are put forward by most SEO consultants.

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So clear, it is clear that three main elements can serve as a basis for your work: quality, relevance and security. From these flow different metrics that you can take into account. In the animation of your Travel Agent Email Address List site but also in its construction. Thus, the quality can be assessed through the time spent on the article or the number of page views. The bounce rate, that is to say the fact that your Internet user does not go. To another site following the visit to your website, can be used to assess its relevance. Just like the fact that links redirect to your site. Security, on the other hand. Will obviously mostly translate to the structure of your site. The quality of navigation responsive design One of the bases today when creating a websiteis to put it in responsive design, in other words that it allows your Internet users, regardless of the device used (tablets, smartphone, laptop, etc.) to connect, to navigate easily.

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But you do not browse a website in the same way depending on whether you are on your mobile or still quietly seated in front of your computer, in particular because of the size of the screen. Even without this being a criterion for search engines, it is worth noting that it is in your interest to set it up knowing that the trend is to browse more and more on mobile. Today nearly 50% of internet users go online this way. According to LaFevad, The Gi Lists loading time of your pages Gone are the days when a user could wait a minute for a page to load. It must be said that with more and more powerful connections it has become demanding. While most sites in the top 10 queries take between 7 and 8 seconds for their page to display, Google recommends that the load time be between 3 and 4 seconds. This must therefore be reduced as much as possible, in particular to satisfy Internet users who have a low-speed connection.

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