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In general, you should develop policies for your privacy; Training courses and targetd training courses make your employees aware of the topic. Intranet software and platform requirements Mainly, the requirements for the platform are determind by its various functions: accessibility Design & Branding navigation Administration & Management Analysis & Evaluation security and privacy However, the basis for your intranet software requirements should not only include purely functional criteria.

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Also include service and support. An intranet is a long-term project, which is why it is particularly important to know that phone number list it will be supportd and further developd in the future. If you introduce a new intranet, ongoing operations should not be disruptd. During the migration to a modern intranet, the content structure and accessibility must be preservd; if you want to include “mobile” employees without a fixd desk or computer, access through mobile devices and employee apps is also an important criterion. New call to action Intranet technology.

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Which systems and platforms are necessary? A combination of two technologies makes sense for the introduction of your intranet: Content GI Lists management systems manage and organize the digital content of the intranet. Collaboration tools promote cooperation and provide solutions for working in a team. Content management systems and collaboration tools Content management systems (e.g. SharePoint) in an intranet have to manage the flow of information and data. You use them to organize your digital data and processes – from creating the content to archiving it. SharePoint could be usd as a CMS. Popular key features in CMS systems.

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