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Furthermore, an ucational reform is substantial to have greater effectiveness in the evaluation system and correct criteria in the promotion of teachers bas on merit. A benchmark for improvement is the PISA test, appli annually at the international level, where 65 countries, including Peru, are evaluat. The precent is the 2012 evaluation, where Peru rank last according to the report on the official website of the OECD, the organization that carries out said evaluation. Prevention from distance ucation Facing the pandemic since March 2020, it is pertinent to consider remote ucation.

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Therefore, the supervisory role of parents (especially in basic ucation) is key, and additionally, constant teacher training will allow the development of strategies for the prevention of school violence and similar problems. Finally, it is important to take into account the technological era and the creation of new trends between positive and negative. This is the origin of cyberbullying, harassment through digital mia and b2b email list social networks that occurs especially in urban places and first world countries with a smaller technological gap and comprehensive digitalization. It must be clear that quality ucation should not only focus on a sector of citizens, but on the entire society without distinction.

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Without a good ucation, a country has no future.As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, phygital (integration of physical and digital channels) sales and purchasing experiences prominate today. How should businesses face this new reality? phygital The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupt the way companies market their brands and customers buy products. In recent years, companies have promot omnichannel, that is, they have look for new channels GI Lists and ways to reach customers. However, with the pandemic, consumers advanc the adoption of digital by five years. A brand experience from the integration of physical and digital There has always been talk of the “phygital” experience, which seeks the union of the two realities from a marketing perspective: physical reality + digital reality .

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