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The operating environments of companies such as the So you can competitive situation customer behavior the development of technologies are in a constant state of change. As a marketing director you may have many things to promote on your desk and all of them would seem to have the priority number one stamp. On top of everything the responsibility for results is heavy and the management expects returns from marketing

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Understanding for example the context of digital marketing. As someone in charge of marketing you have certainly often been in a situation where you have many solution proposals to enhance and develop your marketing but it is challenging b2b leads to get the arguments through to the management because their understanding of digital marketing is incomplete. You may be in a situation where one channel appears to be underperforming compared to another when reporting results and justifying the

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Efforts in this channel can therefore feel challenging. In other words you lack a common language in order to be able to report marketing GI Lists results in an understandable way and to gain support for your views. Management often only stares at what is below the line which is why digital marketing must have a clear strategy goals and action plan and metrics to rely on when various questions arise for example related to the non-functioning of a channel. Next I will go through what kind of solution we have created at Suomen

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