Principle of Reciprocity in Digital Marketing

I present to you the principle of reciprocity and urge you to question it. Do you think it would work in Spain? Do we do tests? Hello conch! Eeeem, because it rhymes, huh? Not because you have a long, hairy face, understand me, that’s a saying! Anyway… How are you doing out there today? I’m great, starting to sharpen my fingers to fulfill that commitment that I made with you in the previous post that, by the way, did not reach you by email because I went a little crazy doing tests and tore up the Newsletter . Don’t worry, it’s already fixed, poor thing!

Reward vs. Reciprocity

Back in chapter 95 (masters, these are chapters with a maximum of 3 pages, don’t believe that I have the patience to read Don Quixote), the Neuromarketing recommendation reads something like this: Reward versus industry email list Reciprocity . What? Don’t worry, I’ll explain to you. The chapter talks about how most marketers industry email list approach lead acquisition from a reward perspective: we create cool content and tell the user something like “if you want it, give me something (your data); earn it . ”

Free, premium and discount plan Vic

How much does it cost? Well, you have a free version and a premium version. From the first day I discovered it, I paid for the annual plan with the conviction that the price is ridiculous compared to the problem it solves and the time and headaches it saves me. Pleexy starts with a free version that allows you to synchronize up to 2 connections in approximate GI List intervals of 15 minutes. Enough to prove it. If you need more connections or want, like me, “real-time” synchronization (the quotes are because sometimes it takes a minute or two at most) then you have to go to the premium version which costs around $40 a year. Oh really! Little more to add. Well yes, if you want a 20% discount on the first year of an annual plan use this link . You would make me happy, you know.

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