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Online sellers it had the option of placing a site higher that runs fast and has a load time of say seconds you know what it would choose. is a very simple one. Many people who use it every day don’t know how important the size of their photos is. So they upload high-resolution photos directly from their camera or phone, often weighing in at several dollars. If you have a few photos like this your site will be sized and take too long to load. I would like to remind you that for a potential internet user visiting your website seconds may be too long in which case he may give up and leave. Things to look out for are: The weight of the file The graphic material should ideally be no more than.

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Its resolution width or height should be enough The file name You can include a key phrase but first it must show the content of the file and not something like. Absolute An alternative description for a documented photo that says nothing should show what is in the Photo Retouching photo You can also sneak in keywords here. I used to be a computer graphics designer so I optimize all blog material myself (with the help of ). But you can use a plugin to automatically do this for you. The goal of content is to display links in search results to pages that respond to user queries entered into the search engine. If you want your website to rank high you need to provide him with the best answers to read.

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Of course you can’t forget about optimization through which your content can take a leading position in and provide free traffic for years. To do this you should choose keywords for your article and then optimize them. I won’t discuss their optimization in detail but I will invite you to check out the material on I use it every day when optimizing various content. Your GI Lists content should be comprehensive, up-to-date, interesting and attractive to users. Personally I attach great importance to content and strive to make my material the best in the Polish blogosphere. Thanks to this material I started writing professionally after many years of writing as a hobby and client requests.

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