How to grow your business without spending too much money

Very often, when an entrepreneur has an idea and writes his business plan, he foresees a fairly substantial amount to allocate to the communication and commercial development of his company. He imagines that to make himself known to his potential customers, he has to undertake vast and expensive communication campaigns in the media or in the street. However, there are many other tips to increase your visibility that will cost you little or no money. The first trick lies in natural referencing . It remains a nebulous term and seems to require the use of specialized agencies, whereas with a few very simple and inexpensive tips to implement, you can position your website well on specific searches relating to its activity. Create a Google account First of all, you must create an account.

Then go to the Google

AdWords tool and in the “tools and analyses” section then “keyword generator”. Indicate the expression that best describes your activity (eg real estate agent Paris 11) and the monthly search volume Bulk SMS Portugal associated with your request will appear as well as suggestions for keywords close to your activity. For relevant visibility on search engines , it is not necessary to focus on the most popular searches (more than 5000 monthly searches) but on the contrary to work on your referencing on more specific expressions (composed of at least 3 keywords) allowing you to attract more qualified traffic to your website. In addition to this, the competition to appear at the top of search engine pages will be less important. Own a domain name Once you have identified the expression.

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It is very easy to check the availability

Domain names on several websites (Gandi, OVH, 1 & 1 etc.) Once you have found the most relevant keywords and the domain name is available, it is important to separate the keywords with dashes (e.g. chef-domicile-lyon) so that search engine robots identify each keyword separately. Your registered domain name, another element is essential to guarantee Gi Lists good visibility on search engines. This is the page title (it’s what appears on search engines above the URLs of listed sites when you do a search). It must also contain relevant keywords relating to the service described on each page (less than 10 words – e.g. for 1 page presenting a property rental service, the page title must be different from that of the page presenting the sales part). Work on your content.

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