Good practices of web ergonomics

Therefore, the number of websites is exponential and to be able to stand. Out from the competition and be a reference site. Ergonomics takes on its full meaning in the construction of a website . For it to present a harmony that appeals to Internet users. And captures their attention, none of the aspects must be neglect. Navigation must be pleasant. And meet the expectations of the Internet user. It must satisfy it thanks to the criterion of utility. But also thanks to aesthetics, the overall user experience, the quality of service, power and technical reliability. Focus on 10 best practices. architecture A site must be well organize. It must have logical groupings, a structure highlighting the key content and menus to help the Internet user to navigate within the site. visual organization A page should be well organize.

Avoid too much information

Display only the main navigation and interaction elements, display optional elements only if necessary, remove unnecessary interaction elements and optimize the organization and visual Pharmacy Database hierarchy . Coherence The site should capitalize on internal learning. Pages must be built on the same model, locations, names, formats, and interactions must be consistent. Information A site must inform. Therefore, the Internet user and respond to him. He must have a minimum of general information and give specific information. It explains the interface and must provide information at the right time, with feedback on the user’s actions . Comprehension Words and symbols should be chosen carefully. The vocabulary must be understandable, precise and concise and must guide the user and remain conventional.

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Symbols should be easily understandable in context

Support A site must help and direct the Internet user. Through organization and visibility. It must allow the clicks to be logical and assist the Internet user by taking their needs into account, providing explicit help if necessary. Error handling The site must anticipate that the Internet Gi Lists user is mistaken and ensure that he knows what he must do. It must provide a precise explanation of the error and allow errors to be correct (form, or feedback, i.e. the possibility of interacting with the site). The rapidity The Internet user should not waste his time. The site must facilitate access to clickable elements (size, position) and interactions, multiply the entry keys to the same page (internal link), avoid unnecessary and systematic actions, and not ask twice for the same thing to the Internet user.

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