GlockApps online tool to test deliverability

No matter how easy it is to understand the concept of deliverability, the truth is that it depends on so many factors that you can be amazed : whether the content of the email, the reputation of the domain, the IP of our provider, the email headers, keywords, reputation from the sender… There are many factors and, worst of all, many are beyond our control. As if that were not enough, it turns out that deliverability depends on the moment and the email . That is to say, if one of our emails has high deliverability today, it does not mean that it will be like that tomorrow or at any time with this or other emails.

How does GlockApps work?

The operation of this tool is really simple: You start a test, selecting which providers top industry data you want to check. GlockApps gives you a list of 60+ emails from those providers. You import that email list into your email marketing provider. You send your campaign to that list, including in the body of the email a code that helps the tool identify your emails. GlockApps will check the inbox of those accounts and build a results report, telling you which ones it has received, in which folder, which ones it hasn’t, etc. What do you think of the mechanics? Isn’t it very logical?

Last conclusions

No matter how much we say that email marketing is dying, no matter how much we explore new ways to start the conversation with our readers or potential clients, email remains a fundamental part of communication GI List in our business. But the fight has hardened, caused by the uses and abuses of everyone, there are no culprits here. But it is true that anti-spam filters are becoming tougher and the number of emails with which ours competes… well, the same. And that’s when, among other important factors, deliverability comes into play. Although it is not the only one, we could say that it is the first.

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