Freedom ideas and the best talent the pillars

Mónica Moro, Raquel Martínez and Félix Vicente have started a new adventure. Together, with desire and without ties. Almost 18 months after they closed their time at McCann , the agency where they have worked in recent years (as creative general director, creative director and CEO, respectively), they have launched their own project: This is Libre. In an interview with , they told how the idea was born, how they see the advertising sector currently and what are the next steps they will take once this “talent community” (not an agency) has already started. . «We have spent a lot of time thinking about our dream an

Work with the best on each project

Two of the concepts on which category email list this project is based are ideas and freedom, terms that, as they point out, are closely related. “We believe in ideas over structures,” explains Moro. By stripping away structures, they make “free” decisions that allow them to choose “the right people for each project.” “To be completely free you don’t have to have backpacks, ties or rigid structures ,” says Félix Vicente about the functioning of his new community, although he recognizes that agencies like McCann, more traditional, “are still necessary.” Mónica Moro agrees with her colleague that being a “community of talent” allows them to aspire to “always work with the best in each discipline” , something that is “impossible even being a large agency. “You cannot have the best in all specialties on your payroll,” explains Vicente.

Campofrío will be part of the This is Libre advertiser portfolio

That freedom they talk about also GI Lists allows them to renounce projects that do not fit their philosophy. ” We want to work only on projects where we add value ,” reiterates Moro, who also points out that they are making each order “in a much more artisanal way .” As a preview, these three creatives tell some details about their upcoming advertising projects. “We have the most varied projects and we make the most varied teams,” declares Raquel Martínez. Although no name has yet been revealed, This is Libre has two major projects on its hands, both of a global nature and related to sustainability . One of them is a campaign for a well-known consumer brand that is going to be released these weeks.

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