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For error the principle of calculating the ranking and the. Alexa data panel is base largely on users who have a deicate extension in their browser. marketing restaurants compare Alexa results with Google. Analytics and conclude that it is not as accurate as one might assume. While these are still exceptions to the rule, it is not uncommon for some sites with significantly higher pageviews to receive lower rankings. In the example below, company A with traffic of , sessions month was ranke.  While company B with traffic of , sessions month was ranke. Alexa rank statistics and data Google Analytics has a much wider reach than Alexa.

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Not every Internet user has a toolbar installe in their browser. For this reason, it’s worth treating. Alexa Ranking as an overview for comparison purposes. Rather than a fully accurate snapshot of a site’s popularity. Good photo editor to know. For sites with traffic base on residents of Canada and the Unite States, where the percentage of Alexa users is much, much higher, the situation is slightly different. In this area, Alexa Rank is a solid indicator that can help, among others.  In increasing advertising revenues. Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting on the market.

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How to check your website’s Alexa Rank. Checking your own website’s Alexa Rank is very simple. Just go to the official Alexa tool. Enter your website address and click Run analysis. check alexa rank – step After a few seconds.  You will receive a basic analysis of your website.  Which, in addition to the Alexa ranking position, also shows the most popular keywords. Backlinks and the most similar websites in terms of content. Check GI Lists alexa rank – step. Don’t wait and check Alexa Rank to find out how popular your website.  How it performs compare to other websites around the world and in your country.

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