Email Campaigns and Link Building A Data-Driven Approach

The positioning of your client’s website. Normally, these Email Campaigns campaigns are run. Over a long period of time to see results. Generally between 6 and 12 months, although it will always depend on your client and. The size of the project. On the other hand, there are consultants who ask their clients. For a minimum duration and others who do not approach it that way. Approximate market price Between 400 – X euros per month. X being understood as what the client wants to spend and what you want to charge. There are agencies that carry out the SEO of a page for 1,000 – 2,000 per month if the client is large, although a standard.

There are consultants Email Campaigns who ask their clients for a minimum

SME could pay an amount close to 800 euros per month top industry data for the upper part of the range. Keyword Research As with the SEO audit, the price within the range that I set will depend on the professionalism and meticulousness that you use in these reports, as well as your experience and iterations that you have with this service. It is not the same to download a .CSV of the tool you use and send it without further ado, than to work on it and present a worked report (I don’t want to mention the annoying Edu Coromina again but he is a beast in this type of service in particular ).

It assembles it into keyword bags via the XMind app creates

Good old Edu, what is he doing GI Lists here, well, I’ll tell you because I think this is an example (in playing Dragon Ball Fighters Z, not so much anymore). He creates an entire document derived from the keyword research that he sells to the client. It assembles it into keyword bags via the XMind app and then creates text documentation (usually a PDF) of that keyword tree. In the end it is like a kind of really hard-working “keyword research audit” that logically allows you to charge more, both for the depth of the work done and for the presentation. Approximate market price Between 400 – 800 euros, single payment.

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