How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the HackDay

Originally, we used for several years to sponsor events of. This type abroad in order to promote youth. One evening in 2019 was born our desire to create. In our turn, a competition of defenders in Cyber ​​for students. By students but in France in order to stimulate the creativity of young talents. And detect them as early as possible while giving. The Opportunity for participants to implement their skills in Cybersecurity through Capture The Flag (CTF). We wanted to give a space to explore ideas and develop them in a collaborative and playful way. Nevertheless, we could not accomplish the creation of the event alone because it effectively required collective participation with different skills. The Hack Dayis organized jointly by SIFARIS and ESIEESPACE with the commitment of around thirty mixed volunteer students.

Whom I would like to thank and highlight

With because, without them and without the support of ESIEE Paris and its director. , nothing could have been done. Our wish is that in the years to come it will become the biggest event and that it will become a sounding board for all initiatives in the field thanks to student participation in the field of Cybersecurity and digital trust. For its second edition, we Bulk SMS Hong Kong want to encourage and stimulate the collective intelligence of the participants and take them out of their comfort zone. This will result in strengthening the culture of sharing while creating an environment where creativity, What is the principle ? (How does it work: categories, finals…) The HackDay aims to provide a stimulating environment in a space dedicated to creativity and innovation in a limited time. The event is generally organized in two stages.

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The first stage concerns

The remote qualification of the participants allowing them to be selected through different categories of type exercises: hardware, crypto, forensic, stegano, web, reverse, pwn and misc a few weeks before the “D” day for a online platform; the second and last time takes place face-to-face. On the day of the final, participants will be able to take advantage of Gi Lists conferences in the digital field open to all audiences. The closing of the conferences will mark the kick-off of the final and the confrontations of the different teams which is a unique opportunity to demonstrate their skills on cyber exercises offered throughout the night until 6:00 p.m. the next day. For this year, ESIEESPACE wanted to focus the event on Cybersecurity and space, which are part of a whole in an open and ultra-connected world. I had also been a panelist at EUROSATORY.

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