Choosing the domain name

The domain name and its extension are not to be chosen at random. By domain name, we mean the part between the https and the extension. If it can contain between 3 and 63 characters, there are obviously good practices. That should be known so that it is easily adopted by Internet users. HTTP or HTTPS? This is the client-server communication protocol. If the letter S, which means that you have opted for an SSL security certificate, may seem innocuous, it is actually essential today if you want Internet users to come to your site. For what ? Already because it prevents your site from being flagged by your Internet user’s browser as potentially dangerous.

In case you want to add a dash to it

Then, because search engines take this data into account. Good practices for the domain name It must be distinguished Veterinary Email List from the subdomain which translates to. This is not mandatory and you can very well do without it even if habits mean that Internet users are used to inserting them. Most companies choose to take the company or brand name for the domain name, simply because it promotes SEO on this or these keywords. People looking to get to your site by typing them into a search engine will find you placed first in search engine results. If they type directly into the navigation bar, they will naturally come to your site. It is recommended to make it as short as possible and not to exceed 30 characters.

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Because you have several words

Know that this is generally appreciated in SEO and that it sometimes makes it more readable. However, it is generally more difficult to spell it. Other special characters such as accents are strongly contraindicated even if it has been possible for some years to insert them. Internet users Gi Lists being accustomed to not putting them on, this is obviously a practice to be avoided. Note that if some include a keyword to improve natural referencing , this has little impact on it in reality and goes against the practice of a short domain name. Some criteria to keep in mind: The domain name should be short and easy to remember. There should preferably be no ambiguity in its spelling. It should be easy to pronounce.


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