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You can also make the initial configuration. “ my library”: from here you can create templates and then use them in different places in the theme, add hooks, code, etc. Scripts and Styles: If you have theme options that you do not intend to use, I recommend that you deselect them here so that you will save resources by only retaining what you use on the site. Import Export: In this section, you can export or import the theme configuration to use on other websites.

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 Installation Demo: From this section you can quickly add templates new database created by the team. Extensions: Various options for free extensions that you have installed are displayed here. If you have a version of the extension, this option will be replaced by the “ license” section. Licenses: In this section, you can manage the license key for paid extensions.

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 Use Custom Pages and Posts In addition to the general configuration of your website via the “ theme panel”, you can also make advanced customization at the page and entry level. After you install the extension, in each article, a box appears at the bottom of the editor so that you can customize it and feel comfortable. The GI Lists options you can manage by default are: Main: In this tab, you can decide whether a page post has a sidebar, on which side,

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