AI a new tool for scammers

According to Norton’s new Pulse report, cybercriminals are now using AI. Including ChatGPT, to create “chatbots, deepfakes. Phishing campaigns and malware”! If ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence is intended. To help you write or even answer questions, it is clear that cybercriminals have found another use for it. But how is it used? The conclusion is clear. According to Stéphane Decque, Norton Senior Manager France at Gen. “ It is increasingly difficult for users to spot scams on their own. It has therefore become imperative that cybersecurity players. Now take into account all aspects of our digital lives. In order to ensure better security in an ever-changing world . “. But how do you get fooled? If in the past it was easy to distinguish a real person communicating with you. It is now increasingly difficult to distinguish text generated by an AI.

Cybercriminalshave a field day since

They can now create phishing lures even more quickly and easily by email or social networks. Deepfake chatbots will have the upper hand since they will allow them to pretend to be legitimate people or entities. Some new recommendations from Norton: To protect yourself from Physical Therapist Email Lists these new threats , it is now particularly recommended not to use conversational robots that are not present on a company’s website or application. You should always “be careful before giving personal information to someone you chat with online”. It is therefore necessary today to take the time to reflect and adopt new habits before clicking on links related to phone calls, emails, or messages that you are not the origin.

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With software that detected malicious uses, but today the situation has changed and you must constantly update your security solutions and above all check that they are able to block to new scammers. Think Gi Lists carefully before clicking on links in response to unsolicited phone calls, emails or messages. Update your security solutions and ensure they have a comprehensive set of security layers that go beyond recognizing known malware, such as behavior detection and blocking. The main techniques used First AIs can generate fake voices . They can therefore imitate an interlocutor that you would have online. It is therefore necessary to be wary from now on of calls because they can even easily imitate your voice or that of one of your relatives, for example by calling you to ask you for a sum of money or certain information which can allow them to access your accounts.

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