A new stage in the customer relationship

The health crisis has reshuffled the cards on many essential points of business life. Particularly that of customer relations. If this was done remotely throughout the period of the pandemic. It is clear that companies have taken on new habits but also that. The close relationship has taken on even more meaning. An old customer relationship based on meeting. Before the appearance of the Covid, most of the customer. Relationship began in the first phase with telephone calls. Which turned into a face-to-face meeting. It was then not uncommon to meet regularly with customers or suppliers and. To have lunch with them, if only to maintain cordial relations. Even if the tools today make it possible. To work in many professions completely remotely.

A waste of time for the customer

It must be said that proximity to the customer still plays a fundamental role and that meetings are far from becoming useless. Admittedly, some companies now consider travel a waste of time and seek Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia to limit it as much as possible. However, this search for optimization often wastes the customer’s time. Regardless of the sector of activity and even if your activity is only in digital as an SEO agency , it must be noted that the round trips by email tend to multiply as do the misunderstandings. It is clear that an email does not replace a phone call or an appointment. Benefits nearby If meeting your customers is so important, it is because a face-to-face relationship makes it easier to make regular progress points, to immerse yourself in the customer’s corporate culture.

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This is the reason why some digital service providers

Such as the Optimize 360 ​​Digital Agency have opted for proximity. It must be said that a purely digital relationship will tend to be less strong and that it is not because we are in business that the human dimension of exchanges has lost value. Telework that is not the norm Digital tools have developed enormously in companies. It must be said that they allow a good part of the employees to be able to sometimes use telework and in particular to respond Gi Lists to a customer request even on the move. Note, however, that in most companies, remote work is usually only an exception. The leaders remain attached to the presence and allow to have recourse to it to manage certain rare hazards or even at the rate of one day per week. It is generalized only in the case where the employee lives far away.

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