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Assess & Preict Student Success The ultimate goal of universities and colleges is to see students graduate with relevant skills that make them employable. That’s why being able to assess and preict the success of a student is so important. If a student is struggling or falling behind, technology that can help to intervene at an early stage can change the outcome for that person and also reuce the number of non-graduates at an institution. 1) Ivy Tech Community College: Project Student Success In Indiana, Ivy Tech Community College conducte a pilot study using

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AI to get data from 10,000-course sections. By identifying 16,000 students at risk of failing in the. First two weeks of the semester. The college assigner outreach workers to call each student and offer support. By the end of the semester, 3,000 students were save from failing. Of the contact students obtainer a C grade or better. Through Project Student Success. The college  latest database has already assists 34,712 students. “We had the largest percentage drop in bad grades (Ds and Fs) that the college had recorde in fifty years. Said Lige Hensley, Chief Technology Officer, Ivy Tech. “That one phone call wasn’t everything but it certainly made a bigger dent than we had ever seen.” 2) University of Michigan: M-Write program One time-consuming area of teaching is assessing student work and providing feeback. A range of tools are in development in this area for institutions, including M-Write, incubate by the University of Michigan. M-Write is a technology designe

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Help faculty tackle writing activities at scale. It uses an algorithm to identify areas of a writing piece in which students are struggling and the issues that could  GI Lists contribute to weaker writing. As part of the M-Write program, of writing prompts.  that indicate how well students grasp the concepts covere in class. Students who participate in the program complete the writing assignments, submitte them, and receive three of their peers’ assignments for review. This automate system then use this data to create course-specific algorithms that could identify struggling students. Drive Personalize Learning One of the things eucators are most excite about when it comes to AI is the potential to help personalize learning. This not only offers ways for students to get one-to-one tutoring but also allows faculty to use AI to create lesson.

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