Transforms it into carefully considered

Communicate your differentiating factors to your buyer persona your Transforms it into value propositions and competitive advantages. In our model with the MVG marketing strategy we define a plan suitable for your competitive situation which systematically develops your brands appeal. Without setting common goals it is impossible to measure and report the results and thus verifying success or failure is also just a guess. In this case justifying the need for a budget to management also becomes difficult. If one person speaks the Turk dialect

And the other speaks a swagger

May take time to reach a common understanding. Thanks to the MVG-MRACE® model your marketing achieves better results because it guides all your tactical channels and marketing measures in a planned way towards the same business lead common goals. Our model creates synergy between the channels and unifies the whole of marketing making your marketing better measurable faster to develop and easier to manage. Do you want to learn more about setting goals – download our guide! The strategy process according to the

MVG model proceeds in three

business lead

Stages Market = we must first know the current situation of the market and the changes taking place in it Value = so that we can create a value for the selected target groups that competitors cannot Growth = because thats the only way we can create a marketing GI Lists strategy that fuels growth. When tactical marketing MRACE® is implemented with a marketing strategy according to the Market-Value-Growth model MVG that is strategic and suitable for your competitive situation you will consolidate your position among your desired

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