The criteria to take into account when choosing your 4G box

The classic connection does not work correctly for you? Don’t have fiber optic access? There is another solution for you to enjoy the internet. This is the 4G box. Find out here what this 4G box is and what it is for. Also discover the criteria you must take into account to choose the best 4G box for you. What is a 4G box? A 4G box is an internet router. It is a small modem that picks up the connection and retransmits it to other devices connect to it. Telecommunications networks offer their own 4G boxes for customers who need them. To experience it, discover a 4G box on NRJ Mobile . There are 3 types of connection for a 4G box: The 4G box with sim card: for it to work.

The best 4G boxes with sim card have the possibility

Of receiving several sim cards. Some even combine the use of the sim card with that of the connection to Ethernet. The 4G to Ethernet box: the connection share by this router comes from the fact that it is itself directly connect to an Ethernet cable. This connection can be US Companies Board of Directors Email Lists installed on devices connect by Wi-Fi or by connecting the device to an Ethernet cable. The connection cables of the box and the connect devices are differentiat by a color code. The portable 4G box: this box is the transportable version of the sim card 4G box. The router is smaller and can be carrie in your bag or even in a pocket. It has a battery that just needs to be charge whenever it runs out. You can make your choice of box according.

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There are 2 main conditions

That must be met to obtain it. The first is that you have to live in an area where there is no access to fiber and ADSL or in an area where the internet speed is very low. The second is that this residential area must be covered by the mobile operator that provides the box. The ADSL speed thresholds to be entitled to a 4G box connection vary from one operator to Gi Lists another. You can therefore correspond to the eligibility conditions of one operator and not of another. In addition, some 4G boxes will only be assign to you if you have a permanent address. It is therefore up to you to test your eligibility before making your request to a mobile operator.


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