How to benefit from big data

The mass of information circulating on the internet is a hot topic. But what is its economic value? Until now, the advertising revenues generat by the audience of a site have often prove to be a mirror to the larks, lack of notoriety, or lack of sufficient investment. How can the audience now, thanks to “data”, become an asset? That is to say an element of your heritage having an economic value, a capacity to generate future benefits, reduce your costs or create income. The answer lies in how to create content. Numbers and breaks An eMarketer study from March 2013 already show interesting figures on the British digital market. This market had taken a strong, very strong lead over the French market. Like many studies, it was an opportunity to take a step back on what our own market.

This is almost twice as much

As what the French market was doing. Of this 40%, 5% is made on mobile, a market in which the United Kingdom is the world leader. The figures already show clear breaks in terms of consumer usage. For Bulk SMS New Zealand example, 78% of 18-34 year olds viewed a second screen in front of the TV. “Multitasking” has replaced “zapping”. It’s not a question of generation: the number of mothers is 69%! 1/3 of searches were done on mobile. Internet has freed itself from the mode of consultation. It is everywhere, including in the objects around us. The more access methods multiply, the more information is generate exponentially between consumers who get information, communicate and share. Thus, YouTube announced that its 490 million visitors alone create, every minute, 24 hours of video… And it must be said that all these trends have only increased in recent years.

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How to take advantage of this big Big data

Quality content “Man is a storytelling animal. We are wired to narrative. according to Haberman, an American Gi Lists advertiser, who reminds us that since the dawn of time, humanity has passed on stories, the foundation of community life. Men project themselves into the narrative, appropriate it to satisfy a need to belong. It is this emotional connection that is the best guarantee of ownership of the information we receive on the internet. The first subject on which to invest is the quality of information. Your brand must convey content rich in meaning, carrying projection and appropriation for the Internet user. But faced with a multi-screen audience, the content must also be multi-channel. A McKinsey study.

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