As you begin creating your social mia calendar

As you begin creating your social mia calendar. It’s important to know which platforms you will be using. Chances are you won’t be using them all because you want to focus on where your target audience spends time. Once you’ve decid on platforms. You can decide on what type of content will do best on each one. Your target audience on one platform might prefer to see infographics. While those on another platform will prefer written content. You want to showcase your brand well. No matter what type of content you choose.

This means you must plan to post fresh content on a regular basis

As a brand. You want to be seen. This means you must plan to post fresh content latest database on a regular basis. It’s ideal to post at least a few times a week. But take into consideration your time and ability to create high-quality content. Posting high-quality content a few times a week is better than posting miocre content on a daily basis. You want your content to appeal to and engage your target audience. If you post too infrequently. Your audience may become bor or think you no longer exist or care and seek what they are looking for from your competitors. Schuling the time of day. You’ll post matters too.

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You probably have many ideas for social mia topics

You probably have many ideas for social mia topics. But do you know what your target audience wants? Now is the time to discover the type of content that resonates with them. You can do this by determining which previous posts have gotten the most engagement (shares. Likes. Comments) and looking at analytics to discover which topics or themes perform the best. Use this information to create your social mia calendar. It’s a good idea to GI Lists vary posts. One day you can share a new blog post and the next you can share industry news or a poll. While social mia is great for sharing new blog posts. Brand news. And sales. You want to offer content that gets your target audience engaging with your account.

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