Communication Are No Longer

 But with the coronavirus at its peak, companies were forc to generate more solid interactions between the physical and online world, seeking to integrate them in the best way. Today in several sectors, especially the retail sector, the phygital experience is evident in the search for a framework that can merge both levels and integrate them into today’s demanding and ever-changing market. For marketers, this means rethinking how to connect with consumers. Companies should focus on promoting e-commerce and digital channels in a more agile and creative way, as well as continue strengthening omnichannel strategies.

Keeping the Team Happy

New customers and hybrid purchasing interactions In customer experience there is a concept call “Customer Journey Map”, which is a type of diagram that represents the stages that customers go through when interacting with a company, from purchasing products online until accessing customer service by phone. The phygital experience will then mean resigning this customer journey and generating b2b leads that all interactions or at least the majority can be hybrid; that is, having the best of both worlds. The digital economy, which according to MIT is the economic activity that results from millions of daily online connections between people, companies, devices, data and processes, has undergone a revolution.

Is No Longer Enough Other

The heart of the digital economy is hyperconnectivity, which implies a growing interconnection of people, organizations and the Internet, and this has been reinforc by the imperative ne of consumers, companies and users to generate increasingly disruptive forms of interaction and commercialization. The digital economy has transform GI Lists the way and has broken with the classic paradigms about how companies should market and how the interaction with consumers should be. This, add to the phygital experience, will cause marketing, a science by nature, which seeks to satisfy the nes of consumers, to mature and become chameleon-like.

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