The principle of UI and UX design

To make your website take off, it is essential to take into account. The experience that your user has on your website. Your objective is above all that Internet users keep a positive image of your site. For this, it must be ergonomic and have been designed. For your users and not just for you. Definition of ergonomics Ergonomics is situated in a relationship between. The human being and the machine/software but also between. The human being and the object more generally. It consists in making the use of the machine/software/object as simple as possible. And as ergonomic as possible. We find ergonomics in all everyday objects. For example, for a car, it will be designed. So that the driver is comfortable/comfortable/safe, for work, health conditions will be improved by adapted armchairs and office chairs.

Ergonomics is actually present

Almost everywhere and even in our everyday objects like the toothbrush. In the web, it represents an approach, a discipline  that covers all the possibilities/options of interactions between a human Professors EDU Email Addresses being and a machine and harmonizes them. An ergonomic website: useful and usable For a website, we consider that web ergonomics consists in making it useful and usable. By useful, we mean the fact that the site must meet a need. Internet users come to your website for a specific reason that you must identify (looking for information, making a purchase, downloading, etc.). Then, the latter contrives to make it usable, in other words, it seeks to satisfy this need. These two elements remain fundamental and will ensure that the Internet user will be satisfied and will make it possible to retain him because he will subsequently return to the website.

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The components of usability In this context

The ISO 9241 standard is often mentioned : “A product is said to be usable when it can be used with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction by given users, seeking to achieve given objectives, in a given Gi Lists context of use. In other words , the usable product must be effective, for well-defined/precise users, with very specific objectives and in a context that is just as effective. The site will be usable and useful and addressed to people waiting for specific objectives. Efficiency is the main criterion for interfaces for the general public, but also for devices aimed at attracting new users: they must not get lost in their search and navigate the site easily. He must easily understand how it works. Efficiency is an objective for specialized interfaces or for sites where you have to build customer loyalty.

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