What is a Webinar and how does it work? Meaning and some examples

What is a Webinar and how does it work? Meaning and some examples. The webinar is in the eye of the storm in the digital marketing sector. Many businesses and professionals are encouraging themselves to organize webinars to enhance their brand, generate trust in their audience and sell their products or services. Most of us have already gotten used to training online because of how convenient it is, so online seminars are here to stay. In this post, I am going to quickly explain to you what a webinar is and how it works, so that you know how you can benefit from this visibility and sales strategy, and put it into practice as soon as possible.

What is a webinar

Therefore, What is a webinar is a seminar or workshop. That is taught online and that has become one of the most popular and effective actions within a digital marketing plan to sell. Although it is usually done live. Therefore, nowadays it is also very common to offer it in recorded format. In this way, there can be three types of webinars: A date is set and the online training is delivered live. Therefore, for email database example via Zoom, Google Meet or any webinar tool such as Webinar Jam. The content is recorded and attendees are given access to view it whenever they want.

How does a webinar work

All those things that you can achieve with. Therefore, a webinar have to do with it being free and using it as a digital marketing action. But if the webinar is a paid infoproduct. Therefore, that is, a training for which you have to pay an amount to be able to attend. Therefore, then two things can happen: That it is also part of a strategy to sell training at a much higher price, and thus break the first barrier to entry with the client. It is much easier to sell to a person. When they have already bought from you GI Lists before. Let it be a purely training workshop, and hence its price. I am going to explain to you how a live webinar works when there is a sales objective behind it.

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